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Razor Billed Auk

The Razor Billed Auk is a fast boat suitable for long distance touring or recreational racing. It has enough volume to carry gear for an extended tour and has the long waterline and low wetted surface area to move efficiently through the water at speed. This boat is less stable than others in the Great Auk family, but will still be quite comfortable for skilled paddlers in rough water. Due to its length it can bog down a little in steep chop, but it will still be faster than most sea kayaks.

This design was originally created with recreational racing in events like the Blackburn Challenge in mind, and it has proved quite successful at that purpose, but it was not intended to be a flat-out racing machine with the inherent compromises required in such a design. It is intended to function well as a capable touring sea kayak for those people who want to go places quickly and efficiently.

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Razor Billed Auk Kayak Plans

Razor Billed Auk Kayak Plans
Razor Billed Auk wood strip kayakMark Thompson -- Razor Billed Auk

Full sized kayak plans to build your own wood Razor Billed Auk Sea Kayak. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a strip-built sea kayak.

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