microBootlegger Sport Plans

Plans to make your own strip built recreational sea kayak
Comprehensive plans to assist the home builder make a beautiful wood kayakFull size drawings of each form drawn individuallyThe microBootlegger Sport is an elegant, efficient and comfortable kayakExample microBootlegger Sport built in book matched mahogany

Full size plans to build the elegant microBootlegger Sport recreational sea kayak.

Complete construction drawing with each form drawn out individually and at full size. Units are in both English and Metric, but because most of the design is documented as full size patterns there is very little measuring. Cut out the patterns and trace or just cut out around the lines.

My book "Building Strip-Planked Boats" is recommended as the instructions.

Included in Plans:

  • 9 Pages of Drawings annotated with construction notes
  • Full size lines for all the forms drawn individually, both sides
  • Full size patterns for the plywood recess, internal and external stem
  • Kayak Building Notes
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microBootlegger Sport

microBootlegger Sport
An efficient comfortable cross-over kayak

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