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Custom Boat Design

Custom Boat Designs
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If you would like to order a custom boat design, please email Nick or give him a call first. No custom orders will be accepted without prior approval from Nick.

The price for a custom design varies depending on the complexity and time required to create the plans. A simple scaling of an existing design will be the price of the existing plans plus the cost of the labor to make the desired modifications. While all the designs are in CAD, the creationg of usable plans for the modified design takes a fair amount of time. Stitch and glue designs require more time than strip built due the the need to create accurate drawings of the flattened panel shapes. If your desired modification sounds like a great idea that many other customers may be interested in, you may get a discount on the modification price. If we think we can get back some of our cost by spreading it out to other customers, we are happy to work with you.

We may have some previously modified designs already prepared due to prior custom orders so contact us with you needs to see if we have already done the work. Not all our designs actually appear in our catalog. You may be able to benefit from someone elses' special request.

If you have an idea for a completely new design that is not based on one of our existing plans, please contact us. While designing from scratch tends to be expensive, for a special need it may be worth it. We also have some designs that we have been working on but have not brought to completion yet that may meet your needs. Again, if you have a particually good idea we are willing to work with you so you don't have to pay all the costs of developing your idea.

Obviously these custom designs don't cost just $1. Please use the quantity field on the shopping cart page to enter the price agreed upon with Nick. I.e. if the price is $200 please enter a quantity of 200 on the cart page.

Please include information about the design you are ordering. Do not place an order without first discussing your intentions with Nick.

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